History of YouTube

History of YouTube – the most popular service to host video began in 2005, through the efforts of its founders – Chad Hurley and Steve Chen and Javed Karim.

Chad Hurley was born in 1977 in USA, PA. He was the third child in the family and since the childhood was fond of computers, the Internet, and everything connected with it. Including electronic media. In high school he joined the Association Teсhnology Student Association, and after graduating in 1995, he entered the University of fine arts.

Such seemingly diverse interests United in one thing: his real strong suit was the web design and development of interfaces for various services. It is this passion and has played a key role in his future career Hurley.

The story of YouTube

After graduation, Hurley was hired by PayPal then the payment system was launched. His “test lesson” in the interview was to develop a logo for the service. Here, as a chief designer, Chad Hurley and became friends with future partners Steve Chen and Javed Karim.

The story of YouTube

According to the legend, repeatedly retells a variety of resources, the history of the world-famous service began very simply. In January 2005, Steve and Chad wanted to send to friends video shot at a party. However, this has proved not so simple: the file was too large to send by mail. And post it on the Internet too was not possible. So there was, as usual, is brilliant in its simplicity idea to make an online service in which you can buy 1 million youtube views cheap, where everyone could post a short video that will then be able to see everyone.

Here the skills of Hurley proved to be very helpful. Being an experienced web designer, he has worked to develop the interface, logo and design. Then came the name – YouTube. The layout and programming were answered by the friends and partners – Javed Kari and Steve Chen. So entrenched is the distribution of roles: Chad generated ideas, and his colleagues were responsible for their implementation and technical revision.

The video hosting service was launched in February 2005. As a basic platform was used Flash Video, which ensured ease of download and fast playback of short clips (in the beginning – no more than 10 minutes) in pretty decent quality.

Already 11 months after launch, the website has become one of the most popular resources, once again Reaffirming the heyday of the era of web 2.0 and then social networks. Who would have thought that in a few years, the project will be valued at 1.6 billion dollars!

It is worth noting that the startup has gained a truly huge success in a fabulously short period of time. Already in the early years of YouTube brought to each of their creators about 300 million dollars in profits.

According to one version, however, it is not only a brilliant flair and the ability to accurately guess the needs of the audience but also to the wife of Chad Hurley is the daughter of billionaire James Clark. Being the owner and co-founder of several highly successful companies in the so-called Silicon Valley (including, for example, NetScape and Silicon Graphics), he very likely took a very active financial participation at an early stage of the project