It can be used when your mobile data is weak

A very important setting in the smart phone is the Wi-Fi settings which will enable the user to use their internet in their mobile phone. Normally we will use mobile data or Wi-Fi but this setting is between both, if you’re mobile data is not working then you can use this iOS 9 Wi-Fi assist which gives you to enable the mobile data signal will be increased and you will have to make some limited mobile data plan to an unlimited plans that helps you to enable the Wi-Fi signals. This will make you and your phone attractive in some ways. There are no different ways to use your internet usage in your mobile other than this.

Useful when your mobile data is weak:

This feature has been invented to make your internet connection with the mobile phone were you can use the internet every time. Sometimes there will be limitation for the mobile data usage at that time you should make use of this iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist so that the usage of internet will not go weaker in any time. This option is available in your iPhone default but you have to turn it ON when you want to use if not, your mobile data is working well you need not turn it ON. You can disable that option so that you can use it for your future use. This kind of facility will not be available in every technology phone only it’s essential in this iPhone and ipads.

It has some best features:

This wifi assist will not be available all the time it will appear between sometimes like when your wifi or mobile data doesn’t work and if you really need something urgent to access internet then you can turn on this and use it. If you don’t know how to use the iOS 9 wifi assist then you need not worry. They have some supportive document were in that all the process will be defined in detail.


When you are using this wifi assist then you can’t download anything in background like in your other application, if the setting is like auto download then it will not work out. Because it contains large amount of data which will make the other application disclosed automatically. These happen only to keep your mobile in a high speed so that you can complete your important work in your required time.

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