Where to Download Bollywood Free Songs Legally

Where to Download Bollywood Free Songs Legally

The country of 1.28 billion people and there are more 1.6 billion people around the globe whom heart is beaten with Bollywood. Yes, Bollywood is popular and third number largest Movies production industry in the world. One of the most inevitable part of Bollywood movie is their promotional soundtrack and perhaps without the soundtrack the films like sour taste. Yup the music soundtrack of Bollywood movies is something that adds up special entertainment to the film and that’s all Bollywood called unique. Bollywood is an industry where the rate of movie releasing throughout the year is on top as compared to other Industries, thereby, Bollywood is place where every single day there are daily releases for couple of songs in average.


Talking about Indian cinema, there are some other industries that produce movie frequently such as Punjabi Industries (Which produces pop songs as well), Kannada Movie Industry, Tamil Movie Industry, Malayalam Movie Industry, Bengali Movie Industries etc. This is because India is colourful, multi traditional and multi-language spoken country, Actually if I define India = India is a country of many sub countries. And the best thing is that there is a one thing that is in high demand in India — Entertainment. However music is an inevitable part of Entertainment and Indian Citizens are addicted of this. If we conduct a research I’m damn sure “free music download” would gonna to be highest trending topic on Google search for Indian. They just love the songs.

Bollywood is a center place of Indian entertainment portal which supply the most of demand of latest songs. There are also some beside country that are highly influenced with Bollywood such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, and at partially degree UK, USA, too.

The major problem that Indian face is to download the Indian songs legally, And today I’ve come over the problem. I’m Gonna to give five Rahpchick solutions to download Free Indian Songs.

Songs.pK (Songspkfull.Download)

Songspk is a major website and perhaps one and only which has been tied up with official music media outlet such as Zee Music Company, T-series, Sony Music, Speed Records, and other exclusive rights holding companies. When you’ll browse this website you’d feel it normal songs download website but if you read the TOS of songspkfull.download /tos you’d have come to know that downloading the music from songspkfull.download is 100% legal.

One other notable feature I’d like point of songspk is that it has some special program for musicians that is called MCPO that interconnect the musician of the Indian and then promote their cover, and songs on various channels also when i download any song say it Baarish, it will recommend you the latest musicians covers to try and promote them by giving special profile on songs pk.

There are the following benefits of Using songspkfull.download.

  1. 100% Legal.
  2. No Popup serve.
  3. No play and Download fucking ads.
  4. Clean look and direct download links.
  5. Large Collection of Music.
  6. Also Download popular Videos.
  7. Music Reviews

The Following songs are covered by Songspk.

  1. All Latest Bollywood Songs Single.
  2. Bollywood Movies Songs.
  3. Punjabi, Traditional, Devotional, Special Compilation, Best of Singler, Actors etc.


Saavn is music streaming website that usually aim to provide the songs listen online features through website and mobile app. They also allow the users to download the songs in High Quality once you purchased their premium package that is only INR 100 (aprx.) per month and 3.3 INR per day (not a big deal). Since you bought the premium package you can download unlimited songs from the directory of 3 million songs and run the streaming ad free.


The same as Saavn they have the resemble feature. Gaana can be the best alternate to saavn. It is also specially dedicated to stream the music for free.


YouTube don’t require the introduction. but a question might have arrived in your mind can youtube allow downloading the song. And you got it right the answer is no you can’t! But trick is there to download any song from Youtube within seconds. Just search on Google “Youtube to mp3″ if you want free mp3 song or “YouTube to Mp4” if you want to download video. Then put the youtube video address in the box and click convert, choose the quality and download links are ready.

But, is this legal? No, but it doesn’t matter go ahead and enjoy the music.


Download the music from mr-jatt, is also a great website to get faster music for free. But it ain’t legal.

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